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The vegetables are beautiful and ready, the weather is starting to cooperate and we are so excited to be sharing our delicious Heirloom fruits and vegetables with you in our CSA.

This year we will be doing a scheduled pick up locally to maintain our social distance while making sure that you can get still get some really great sustainably grown goodness and special farm treats.


Each week we will provide: A variety of vegetables with simple, delicious recipes for side and main dishes, fresh herbs and a sample of another farm product that we will be requesting your feedback on to help send us in the right direction. You can expect the best and freshest of what is available in season each week. Our produce is grown with sustainable farming practices and are all Heirloom varieties ensuring you get a product that is grown for flavor and is what our forefathers (and mothers) enjoyed before vegetables were manufactured to be perfect and pretty and flavorless. The varieties we grow are chosen by us for how they grow here and how they taste, and even though they aren't bred for beauty they are truly beautiful. We have some new and several fan favorites this year as we continue to experiment to get that perfect mix.


This weekly basket will be twenty-five dollars and pick-up will be Tuesday or Friday. We will pack you a basket each week and pick up the empty basket from the prior week's delivery.

You also have the option to purchase free range farm fresh eggs laid by our happy hens at four dollars a dozen and as we develop more products, we will update the additional options. (suggestions are always greatly appreciated as we are building this for you!)


We have been experimenting with different Heirloom veggies figuring out what grows best here and what we really love but this is where you come in - we need feedback from people who love fresh local farm food. Because although the veggies are amazing and where it all starts - we want to do more than that. We want to provide that homemade spirit from days gone with the Heirloom fruits and veggies, farm fresh eggs and value-added farm products such as breads, desserts, preserves, and specialty items made here on the farm.

Our CSA details:

Pick up: Tuesday or Friday Evening thru scheduled pick up.

Summer Season: 10 weeks

Fall Season: TBD

Cost: $25 weekly; to be paid as $50 non-refundable initial membership fee and $20 weekly.

We have a limited number of spots because we want to make sure that everyone that is signed up gets an amazing bounty..... We will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

Benefits of joining Ray of Joy CSA:

•Flexible schedule. We give you the ability to plan around vacations or just skip a week.

•Recipes and inspiration throughout the season to help you make the most of your CSA/Farm Share.

•Weekly specialty items from the farm to enhance the experience.

•Discounts on pre-orders of Value-added farm items.


Pick up schedule:

Every week beginning the week of May 11th thru the week of July 20th (we allow time for you to skip a week or get an extra week in.)
What if I can't pick up one week?
We have built in one "skip week" into the schedule. Please just let us know if you need to skip. Otherwise, we harvest and pack for you as usual and if you don't pick up, we donate your produce.

More questions?! Please shoot us out an email or a Facebook message and we will get back to you right away.

What our customers are saying

Veggies, veggies and more veggies 😍🌶🥒🍆🍄 All these delicious heirloom farm fresh veggies delivered to you weekly! Can't wait to try this homemade pesto! The tomato jerky is so delicious, and the cucumber chips... Ohhh myyyy! I know the sundried tomatoes are going to be delish🍅 🤗🖒❤ Huge shout out to Marrei Johnson! You da' best!

Christena Liles

July 20, 2017 ·

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